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Happy birthday to me

It's Keith's 40th. But, please, no birthday bumps. They get a little painful after awhile.

That’s right.

November 1 is my birthday.

I can hear the caterwauling outside, shouting this question from the streets: “How old are you now?”

Well, I’m 40.

Yup, entering the fifth decade of my life.

And now, there’s another huge cacophony outside my window. No, people don’t have torches nor do they want me to be drawn and quartered. Rather, it’s more contemporary than that. People simply want to know why I’m going on about turning 40, when this website is to do with writing, not anniversaries of any kind.

Well, in fact, this brand new website has everything to do with writing. For, you see, this website is my birthday present to me.

Months piled onto months of hard work, dismantling and remantling again, like an angry, drunken scribe who throws his 95% complete manuscript into the fireplace. Only to have it saved and rebuilt again, like the mighty phoenix.

That’s what happened. The mighty phoenix, this time, is this dear website. Here, you will read my stories – in book form, in short-story form, or even in poetic form – and you will also learn a thing or two about writing – and I do hope I have something to offer.

I also will maintain a regular blog on everything to do with writing. Stephen King says books are dead? I’ll write about it. NaNoWriMo just around the corner? I’ll write about that. A writing group getting off the ground in the darkest crow-ridden forests of Burnaby? I’ll write about that as well. Anything, everything to do with writing.

That’s my birthday gift to me. And I shall share that gift with you. Enjoy the read!

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Four books in the fire. Dozens of short stories fluttering about. Mission: To get the word out.

6 Responses to “Happy birthday to me”

  • Hey Keith,
    Happy birthday and congrats on the new site! I’m following your blog to get some writing inspirations. Just wondering, is writing just a hobby or your profession?

    Again, happy birthday!

  • Best birthday gift you could give yourself. Congratulations.

    “Writing is the only profession where no one considers you crazy for earning no money”

    -Jules Renard

  • Yeah! Happy birthday Keith! enjoy your day! Love from Barcelona

Cristina Ibáñez on November 1st, 2011 at 1:07 am
  • Woohoo! Happy Birthday.

    And Happy Birthday little website.

  • Hi there – thanks for the B-day wishes! Look at it this way – I’m a newspaper editor by trade, but a writer in real life. Editor is my profession, but writing is my passion.

  • Thanks, good sir. I guess I now have a valid excuse for being crazy.