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Caduceus (kuh-DOO-see-us)- A figure of a staff with two snakes wound around it and two wings at the top.

A tribute to the strength and fragility of friendships, Caduceus is a story of two naïve young men in Victoria, B.C., who are learning that life as friends is far more complex than they had set out to believe.

Liam, an explosive and compulsive young man, rooms with warm and contemplative Landon in a deep friendship where companionship and trust provide an anchor of security to both. They spend much of their time bonding through alcohol and parties, and shaping their dark but idealistic view of the world. They haven’t entirely matured yet – Liam can’t stand being alone, especially without a woman, and Landon is frustrated with the seeming mediocrity of the people around him. This draws them to each other.

However, in different ways, they also clash. There are growing cracks in their friendship that they are blind to because of their idealism. The clash is not just between two friends, but also through other people that has and will infringe themselves into the rhythms of two young men in their lives in Victoria.

When changes start to happen, their friendship is brought to the test. When two different women enter and leave their lives, their friendship demonstrates its resilience. The question is – how far can their friendship bend?

The two friends reach out for the wings at the top of the staff…