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Sunday, 25 March, 2012

For those of us on the west coast – and particularly the Pacific Northwest – the recent sunshine comes with fantastic relief. After so many days of heart-shrivelling, wrinkle-forming pissy skies, many of us – especially neurotic writers like myself – were leering out at the so-called great outdoors and silently casting curses at the […]

Writing with messianic determination

Wednesday, 21 March, 2012

A few years – decades, even? – ago, I was watching David Letterman and his cheeky gap-toothed New York humour as was the norm of my late nights, and this time, Peter O’Toole was one of the guests on the show. I’ve seen many actors, actresses and celebrities (yes, that’s a third category) on Letterman […]

Overcoming the inertia as a writer

Saturday, 18 February, 2012

When I posted my rant on the inexcusability of writing excuses two weeks ago, one of my readers commented that, yes, it’s true, we have no excuses as writers and we don’t have any more excuses to not write than a firefighter has any excuses to not fight fires. Think about it. MMA fighters don’t […]