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For those of us on the west coast – and particularly the Pacific Northwest – the recent sunshine comes with fantastic relief. After so many days of heart-shrivelling, wrinkle-forming pissy skies, many of us – especially neurotic writers like myself – were leering out at the so-called great outdoors and silently casting curses at the weather gods. However, some writers probably rose to the occasion and spun out delectable tales of gloom that would make Poe finally rest in his grave, knowing full and well that dark gothic rantings still lived on long after his untimely death. Other scribes probably cried themselves to sleep and prayed for some of that scrumptious vitamin D that seemed so scarce these days. But now, this weekend brought forth glad tidings of great glow from El Sol, and some writers likely woke up earlier and set to work on their high-tech typewriters. Presto! With the onset of spring and summer come longer days and shorter nights – and if my life in Edinburgh’s northern summers are any indication, shorter sleeps are of the adage. In short – those of us who feel swamped by daily life and just wish we had an extra hour or two to get some writing done, well, you’ve got it now. Get up an hour earlier, have a coffee and get to work. The point? No matter the weather, there’s a reason to get those words onto paper. No excuses, folks. Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network

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